Nov 142010

Although the use of credit and debit cards are convenient when shopping, people these days now use checks for their transactions to combine convenience and security in terms of spending their money. If you are one of those types of people, you probably find time to browse on cheap checks free shipping offers online in order for you to save more.

The only disadvantage of using checks for your transactions is that you would not be able to purchase when you ran out of it, but of course this situation can be avoided. You can always get some more checks from the bank or better yet, order checks online.

Getting checks from the bank would have to be scheduled even before your on-hand checks ran out. This is because getting them from the bank takes a lot longer time. The bank would still have to write the order, process it and deliver. The whole process would probably take you a week long. You would probably be able to make it a day sooner if you decide to pick it up from the bank instead of having it delivered. But it would still be in a couple of days. But if you order them through the internet, you would only have to spend a few seconds to fill out the order information required and probably a 24-hour delivery waiting period. Besides being able to get your checks a lot sooner, getting them online is also a lot better in terms of price.

If you order your checks online, you will definitely notice the big price difference. A $25-check can be just as low as $19 online. This is because online business establishments like the one where you are getting your checks from do not pay for any office rent or anything similar. This gives them the freedom to offer their products at a lot cheaper rate without the fear of losing anything.

Ever since checks became one of the most widely used mode of payment in the world, check providers have also come up with the idea of giving their clients custom checks. So if you feel that your personal checks are quite boring, you can now make them livelier with your designs. However, designing is quite crucial. Although you would not want to make your checks appear too formal and boring, you should also not make it look so provocative. If you choose your designs in the bank where there are quite a lot of clients waiting for their turn and the tellers probably rushing their discussions with every client they have, you might end up with a design you do not really like.

If you order online, you have all the time in the world to come up with the perfect custom design for your check. By the time you get your checks, you would definitely be satisfied with it.

Of course the biggest advantage of ordering your checks on the internet is that most providers offer totally free shipping. Besides saving on the value of checks, you also get to save on its delivery.

Nov 142010

A lot of people these days settle for cheap personal checks that look boring and do not even guarantee security. This is because people put more importance on the amount of money that they are going to spend a lot more than the kind of check they are getting for the amount they are spending. They live with the idea that cheap can be anything that costs less. But what if you knew how to get cheaper checks that would let you create a great impression with so much value that it can give you? You definitely would not settle for what is in trend for the impractically thrifty crowd.

In order for you to get cheap checks that have great value, you should best order online. Unlike ordering when you order checks straight from the bank, ordering online would be able to save you a significantly huge amount of money because you no longer have to pay for processing and delivery fees. That is almost 50% cut from the ordering price and would not make any difference to the features of the check you are getting.

Ordering personal checks online would also give you all the time you need to carefully choose the design that you would like your checks to have. Choosing to order the cheaper way does not necessarily mean you have to settle for the simplest or boring check design. You can make it a lot livelier by giving your checks a personal touch. You can choose the color you like and the background you like. If you are amazed by Disney characters, then you can choose to have them on the background or whatever other designs you like without necessarily sacrificing any of the check’s security features.

If you think that going to the bank and ordering checks only cost you the amount of money you hand to the bank teller when you order, you are wrong. Be practical and think about this; how much of your time for work is taken away just so you could go to the bank and order them? How much are you supposed to be paid for those hours? How much does it cost you to commute from wherever you are through the bank and back? Or how much of your vehicle’s gas did you use up? If you are really serious about being thrifty and saving for your financial security, you should be able to think about these. If you order checks online, all those expenses are taken away. Instead, you can add them up to your savings.

Online check provider also have a lot more promotional offers than bank institutions. They often include check accessories at discounted rate. Getting check accessories is practically a good idea to add up to your security. The accessories include authentic security pens and check holders that would prevent your checks from easily falling off. If you would like to stand up to being thrifty, be practically thrifty by availing of cheaper checks with greater value than those that may be cheap but have a lot less to offer.

Nov 142010

Banks are primarily aimed at making money from us everyday. If you reorder checks from them, you are giving them a lot bigger opportunity to extract more money from you than when you decide to reorder online. Most of the time, elderly people prefer to order directly from the bank for security reasons. The fact that they do not get to see anyone processing their orders online makes it hard for them to believe that online transactions can be just as secured as transactions done right at the bank and even better.

Here are some things you should know that would definitely be able to help you decide to order your checks online instead.

One of the reasons you must have decided to make use of checks for your financial transactions instead of credit or debit cards is security. If you order your checks online, you get the exact same amount of security that you get when ordering right at the bank and even a lot more security. Online check providers make use of secured check printers or software that would be able to guarantee their customers that none of their checks are reprinted. Well, come to think about it, checks are useless anyway without your authentic signature. Check providers also conform to the American National Standards Institute’s check requirements so you would not have to worry about your checks ever being declined by any business establishment you decide to use it for. Check providers only require your routing number and account number to reorder. They do not require additional information that may permit them to meddle with your bank transactions.

If you order checks online, you will be able to save a significantly huge amount of money and you can double that savings when you reorder. Checks that are being ordered online are being sold at almost half the price from ordering at the bank. It does not mean you have to settle cheap checks that have less security features or dull designs; in fact you may even be able to get better security features and designs. The reason that ordering them online is a lot cheaper is because checks are being processed electronically which means check providers save a lot on man power as well. That gives them the freedom to decrease the price of their products. Besides saving on manpower, online check providers also do not spend much on office space because they do not accommodate in their office a long line of clients trying to get their checks. Most of the time, they also waive delivery charges unless clients request for a priority delivery.

Ordering checks online would also give you your checks a lot sooner than when you order them from the bank. We must admit it; electronic process is always a lot faster than the manual process. If it takes the bank a minimum of two to three business days to make your checks available, your online orders would only require you to wait 24 hours.

Nov 142010

In any type of business, running a promotion from time to time in order for you to attract more potential customers is very important. This is when discount checks also become necessary. What most businessmen do is to let their customers give their products and services a try at a discounted rate. If the customers are happy about what they have tried, they would definitely go back and get them even at the original price. If you are a businessman who owns a chain of stores and you would like to offer your customers the same promotion, you would definitely not want to waste a lot of your resources by calling to each branch to notify them about who won, how they look and how much they should be getting. A check to present to the teller would make things a lot easier.

However, if you are already giving discounts to your customers, it would definitely not be a good idea to spend a lot on checks that would entitle them to discounts. That would be somewhat like twice the money you are giving away. You have to find a reliable company that would be able to offer you cheap but secured checks. Besides the actual value of the checks the other things that add up to its costs are the delivery and processing charges. If you order checks online where in there would be no need for anyone to manually process it and delivery charges are waived, you would be able to save a significantly huge amount.

Ordering checks online would let you receive the very same check you can get straight from the bank. There are a lot of big differences though; differences which are a lot advantageous on your part. The checks you can get online are relatively cheaper primarily because you would not have to pay for delivery and processing charges. You also get to choose well the layout or designs of the checks you are ordering because when you do the transaction online, you own the time. There is no need for you to rush. So whether you are getting business checks or personal checks, you will be able to customize the designs without necessarily sacrificing its security features. The last but not the least advantage is the waiting period. If you order your checks straight from the bank, you would have to wait at least two to three business days to get it. But if you order it through the internet you would only have to wait 24 hours. This is because electronic process is always a lot faster than manual process.

Instead of wasting your time, effort and money on checks by getting them straight from the bank, order them online where most fees are waived off. With the discounts you are giving away to your customers, you may already be risking a huge amount from your business profit; you would not want to risk more by spending too much on the checks.


Nov 142010

In any type of business, every amount of money we spend counts a lot which is why it is very important that we extract all possible means to save on operations expenses. Ordering checks for your payroll needs online would definitely help you and your company save a significantly huge amount of money.

Traditionally, people purchase checks straight from the bank where in they would have to pay for the processing fee and delivery charge besides the actual price of the checks. In addition to that, people would still need to pay for their fare from the office to the bank and back. The delivery period would also take a minimum of two business days depending on the delivery charge they are willing to pay. An option to pick it up is also available but of course that does not save anyone from spending for his fare.

If you decide to purchase checks online instead of purchasing them straight from the bank, you would realize that there are actually a lot of advantages which you should have already availed of in your previous purchases. Purchasing or ordering online would save you money. Because of the fact that online orders do not need people to process them because everything is done electronically, checks ordered online are relatively cheaper. Check providers also do not spend much on office expenses because they do not need a huge office to accommodate people who line up everyday just to order. With that, even if they offer a few promotions from time to time, they would not have much to lose. It is not surprising that one of the reasons you would be able to save a significantly huge amount of money if you order checks online is the free delivery charge offers that most providers have. You no longer have to spend for fare and you also do not have to pay for your checks to be delivered.

If you are ordering personal checks at the bank, even if they have quite a lot of options for designs and personalization, you would not really be able to make the best decision primarily because you would always have to consider the next customer who may have been waiting for a long time for you to finish your transaction. But if you order online, you would have all the time you need to come up with the best design and personalization options for your checks.

Machines process a lot faster than our bare hands. This very well explains why it takes a lot faster for online orders to be delivered compared to those ordered from the bank. This is one very good advantage of purchasing checks online. If you ran out of checks and you need to make a transaction, you would not have to wait for a week until your checks arrive. It can get through you in as quick as 24 hours so you would not have to hold back your transactions

Nov 142010

Whether you manage a large corporation with hundreds of employees or just a small business that has less than ten people in your payroll, the easiest and safest way to pay them is through Quickbooks checks. Although there are quite a lot of business establishments these days that pay their employees straight through their bank account via wire transfer, it is still inevitable for some employees to have a lot of questions about how their bank account ended up with that amount. They would often demand for either a hardcopy of their pay slip or a bank statement that would prove to them you have indeed deposited their pay

Nov 142010

Although a lot of people use credit or debit cards to do different kinds of transactions electronically, there are still some who prefer the use of checks especially those of Harland Clarke Checks. This is primarily because using checks for any financial transaction have been proven to be the safest way to make payments. If you decide to use checks for your financial transactions but go elsewhere to order it, you might actually be taking the risk of getting unsecured checks. If your checks are unsecured, you spoil the reason checks are preferable over credit and debit cards.

Harland Clarke Corporation provides you very practical reasons to use their checks instead of checks from other providers. One of these practical reasons is your security. Their checks have secure personalization details at the upper left hand corner of the check. Your basic details like name, address and phone number appears on that side so you get the guarantee that the check is yours. Their checks also have well regulated check numbers so you are guaranteed that no scammers will be able to make a copy of it or anything devilishly similar acts.

Harland Clarke Corporation also offers checks with secured MICR Line or what is known as the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition which is recognized by the financial institution. The MICR Line is complete with the necessary details like the routing number and symbols, the account number, the On-Us symbol and the check number to make sure that all your check transactions are reflected on your bank statement accordingly.

If you choose to get your checks from elsewhere because you think their checks are a lot more stylish than those that you can get from Harland, you might want to think twice about it and start weighing things; is financial security worth risking for a stylish check?

Harland also offers stylish personal checks that do sacrifice its security details. However, to have you protected from identity theft, they suggest that you do not include your social security number, date of birth or any other equally important detail on your check. The company knows well that they are not required information for check transactions and they would not want you to risk just because you want your check to be as informative and stylish as possible.

With all its security features and style, it would perhaps surprise you to know that these checks are very affordable. You can order checks at affordable prices whether you are getting them for personal or business purposes. Ordering these checks would definitely be able to give you the right value for your money with everything else included in its kit. The kit includes duplicate checks, security pens, security tips checklist and an access to the online security information and education site. They have 100% secured and easy to track delivery to make sure your checks get to you at your expected time. Ordering them online can be just as guaranteed as ordering straight from the branch.

Nov 142010

Although the use of credit and debit cards give us so much convenience in all our financial transactions they are no longer safe to use these days. Because of this, a lot of people find it necessary to order personal checks for their primary mode of payment. Credit and debit cards can be used by anyone who happens to know your card details. Even if a person does not have your card, if he knows your details he can easily make use of it for online transactions and you will just be surprised by the time you get your bank statement. With a check, transactions are not considered valid unless the concerned parties are able to get hold of your checks. For financial security, it would definitely be a lot better to make use of checks in most of your financial transactions.

Some people are quite hesitant about making use of this safer mode of payment because they think it is a lot expensive and would cause them too much hassle. But the truth is, checks are just as affordable as paying for your credit or debit cards’ maintenance fees and it would definitely not cause you a lot of hassle because you can get them online.

To order checks online you should first find time to browse for different check providers and compare them. Make sure that you choose the best provider there is available. You do not necessarily need to choose a provider that offers cheap checks but instead, choose one that has satisfying security features.

Look into the standard security features that banks require in a check. The check provider you are going to get your checks from should have them. If they have additional security features, then perhaps it would be a bonus for you for as long as they do not charge you extra for that.

After you have decided which provider you are getting your checks from, you should decide on what kind of check you would like and what design you would like it to have. Check providers give you the option to customize your check designs for as long as you do not spoil its security features. After designing your checks, you simply have to order them with the use of your account number and routing number.

If a check provider asks for more of your bank details than those, you might have to think twice about it. After you have checked out from your online transaction, you would just have to sit back and relax while you wait for your checks to be delivered at a maximum waiting period of 24 hours.

Most check providers provide their customers an access to track their orders while they wait. If you are looking for payment options that are cheap and secured, getting check from a reliable online check provider is definitely not a bad idea. In fact, it is most recommended by most financially successful individuals and business owners.

Nov 142010

If you have been using your credit or debit cards for most of your financial transactions, you probably do not know yet how to fill out a check. It may sound a fairly easy task for you especially if you are confident that you have enough funds in your bank account. But mind you, it is not just the funds that may cause your checks to bounce. How you have filled out your checks may also be a very big factor.

Issuing a bouncing check whether you have done it intentionally or not would put you into a very big responsibility. To prevent that, you should make sure that you fill out every check you issue accurately. To do that, you should first know how to identify the different parts of the check that are necessary for you to fill out.

Right below your check number which is at the upper right hand of your check is the date field. You would always have to fill it out with the date that you would like the money to be taken out from your bank account. Writing the date would always have to be in a month-day-year format. Right beside the date field are numbers that identify your banking institution.

The long line which states “pay to the order of” is a line where in you need to write the name of the person, business establishment, or bank that you are authorizing to receive the money. Make sure that you write the accurate name including their initials that corresponds to their proof of identification. The next line with the dollar sign is the field where you write the amount you want them to receive. You would have to accurately write them in figures. You would have to strengthen that statement by confirming the amount in words on the line right below it.

The line at the lower left hand corner of the check is an optional field which you may have to write an account number on if you are paying a bill. The line at the lower right corner is reserved for your signature. The numbers at the bottom of the check are routing number, account number and check number.

The very reason most people make use of checks as their primary mode of payment is because they feel that it is a lot more secured to use. Unlike credit and debit cards which can be used by anybody for online transactions for as long as they know your bank details, checks cannot be used unless properly filled out. If you would like to get the same security that other are getting by using checks, you can order checks online and have it linked through your bank account. You simply have to find a reliable check provider that offers cheap checks with sufficient security features to guarantee that your transactions are always secured.

Once you have gotten your check, take note of the fact that the signature field should always be the last to be filled out. Never leave a blank check signed unless you are giving anyone the freedom to withdraw just any amount from your bank account.

Nov 142010

If you have a small business that would only have more or less ten people on payroll during salary cut off, it would not be a good idea to have their pay processed by an outsource payroll company. Computer checks may be a lot practical for you to use in order to process your payroll in-house. This way, you would not have to pay for a third-party company to process the payroll and print out your employees’ pay checks.

If you are looking up to a bigger business establishment that has everything processed for them by an outsourced company to make things easier, do not envy them. Being able to do everything on your own would actually be a lot more beneficial than what they are doing. Printing checks from your computer can save you a significantly huge amount of money. Companies that outsource their payroll tasks have to pay for manpower. That is of course not just any amount but a significant amount cut off from what you are supposed to earn. They would also have to pay for delivery and processing fees which are additional expenses Spare your business of all those expenses and instead just have them added to your profit by doing those things on your own. You simply have to get software that would make processing easier for you and order checks that are compatible to your payroll software to have it printed. You get to save on manpower, delivery and processing fees. There are now a lot of check providers online that do not just waive off delivery and processing charges but also offer cheap checks for business establishments that order in huge bulk.

Printing payroll checks straight from your computer would also make your employees a lot happier. If you will through an outsource payroll company to process payroll and employee pay checks you would have to choose from either these things; have them process it earlier which may greatly affect pay schemes or have your employees wait for the checks to be released. But if you do things on your own, print checks straight from your computer, your employees would not have to wait.

Printing checks straight from your computer would also give you the guarantee that everyone gets the check they need and should be getting. You will be able to keep both soft and hard copies of them for record-keeping and security purposes. All you need to do is to find a reliable provider to order checks from that has good quality and security features.

Making use of checks that can be printed straight from your computer is indeed very practical for any type of business. Unless you own a company that has millions of employees, you probably should not be considering outsourcing your payroll tasks when you can get reliable software and secured checks to have everything polished. Instead of spending your money on third party companies, have it added into your investment and bulk your pocket.