Nov 142010

Although a lot of people use credit or debit cards to do different kinds of transactions electronically, there are still some who prefer the use of checks especially those of Harland Clarke Checks. This is primarily because using checks for any financial transaction have been proven to be the safest way to make payments. If you decide to use checks for your financial transactions but go elsewhere to order it, you might actually be taking the risk of getting unsecured checks. If your checks are unsecured, you spoil the reason checks are preferable over credit and debit cards.

Harland Clarke Corporation provides you very practical reasons to use their checks instead of checks from other providers. One of these practical reasons is your security. Their checks have secure personalization details at the upper left hand corner of the check. Your basic details like name, address and phone number appears on that side so you get the guarantee that the check is yours. Their checks also have well regulated check numbers so you are guaranteed that no scammers will be able to make a copy of it or anything devilishly similar acts.

Harland Clarke Corporation also offers checks with secured MICR Line or what is known as the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition which is recognized by the financial institution. The MICR Line is complete with the necessary details like the routing number and symbols, the account number, the On-Us symbol and the check number to make sure that all your check transactions are reflected on your bank statement accordingly.

If you choose to get your checks from elsewhere because you think their checks are a lot more stylish than those that you can get from Harland, you might want to think twice about it and start weighing things; is financial security worth risking for a stylish check?

Harland also offers stylish personal checks that do sacrifice its security details. However, to have you protected from identity theft, they suggest that you do not include your social security number, date of birth or any other equally important detail on your check. The company knows well that they are not required information for check transactions and they would not want you to risk just because you want your check to be as informative and stylish as possible.

With all its security features and style, it would perhaps surprise you to know that these checks are very affordable. You can order checks at affordable prices whether you are getting them for personal or business purposes. Ordering these checks would definitely be able to give you the right value for your money with everything else included in its kit. The kit includes duplicate checks, security pens, security tips checklist and an access to the online security information and education site. They have 100% secured and easy to track delivery to make sure your checks get to you at your expected time. Ordering them online can be just as guaranteed as ordering straight from the branch.

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