Nov 142010

Banks are primarily aimed at making money from us everyday. If you reorder checks from them, you are giving them a lot bigger opportunity to extract more money from you than when you decide to reorder online. Most of the time, elderly people prefer to order directly from the bank for security reasons. The fact that they do not get to see anyone processing their orders online makes it hard for them to believe that online transactions can be just as secured as transactions done right at the bank and even better.

Here are some things you should know that would definitely be able to help you decide to order your checks online instead.

One of the reasons you must have decided to make use of checks for your financial transactions instead of credit or debit cards is security. If you order your checks online, you get the exact same amount of security that you get when ordering right at the bank and even a lot more security. Online check providers make use of secured check printers or software that would be able to guarantee their customers that none of their checks are reprinted. Well, come to think about it, checks are useless anyway without your authentic signature. Check providers also conform to the American National Standards Institute’s check requirements so you would not have to worry about your checks ever being declined by any business establishment you decide to use it for. Check providers only require your routing number and account number to reorder. They do not require additional information that may permit them to meddle with your bank transactions.

If you order checks online, you will be able to save a significantly huge amount of money and you can double that savings when you reorder. Checks that are being ordered online are being sold at almost half the price from ordering at the bank. It does not mean you have to settle cheap checks that have less security features or dull designs; in fact you may even be able to get better security features and designs. The reason that ordering them online is a lot cheaper is because checks are being processed electronically which means check providers save a lot on man power as well. That gives them the freedom to decrease the price of their products. Besides saving on manpower, online check providers also do not spend much on office space because they do not accommodate in their office a long line of clients trying to get their checks. Most of the time, they also waive delivery charges unless clients request for a priority delivery.

Ordering checks online would also give you your checks a lot sooner than when you order them from the bank. We must admit it; electronic process is always a lot faster than the manual process. If it takes the bank a minimum of two to three business days to make your checks available, your online orders would only require you to wait 24 hours.

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